Esther Oxford is a producer and director of current affairs documentaries. She generates her own film ideas.

  • Producer - Newsnight's 16-week investigation into bullying amongst Conservative Party activists, following the death of 21-year-old Elliott Johnson. Newsnight's findings prompted the resignation of Grant Shapps, former co-chairman of the Conservative Party.
  • Producer - Panorama: Born Asleep. The technology is there to cut Britain's high stillbirth rate by 50 per cent. So why aren't we using it? Reporter: Paul Kenyon; Exec: Frank Simmonds
  • Director - Dispatches: The Extremists. This one hour film looks at government efforts to tackle radical Islam. Reporter: Phil Rees; Exec: Fiona Stourton
  • Director - Dispatches: At Home with Terror Suspects. A one hour film about terror suspects living under Control Orders in Britain. Reporter: Phil Rees; Exec: Fiona Stourton
  • Co-Producer and Development Producer - Panorama: On a Knife Edge. In the middle of a knife-killing epidemic Esther Oxford found two gang members willing to film their own lives. Reporter: Jeremy Vine; Exec: Fiona Stourton
  • Director/Producer - Unreported World: Tiger in the Shadows. Esther Oxford negotiated unprecedented access to military training camps, suicide bombers and Sea Tigers (the naval wing of the LTTE/Tamil Tigers). Reporter: Sandra Jordan; Exec: Ed Braman
  • Co-Producer/Director - The Ambassador's Last Stand. This BBC2 film is a portrait of Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan who exposed the torture of civilians and lost his job for being "undiplomatic". Reporter: John Sweeney; Exec: Fiona Stourton

Unreported World: Tigers in the Shadows
Directed, produced and filmed by Esther Oxford

Dispatches: At Home with the Terror Suspects
Directed by Esther Oxford