Esther Oxford is a producer and director of current affairs documentaries. She generates her own film ideas.

  • Producer for Lockdown 1.0 - Following The Science?, BBC2's definitive look the science/scientists advising government on Covid-19. More than 250 scientists from SPI-M, SPI-B, Nervtag, SAGE and British universities and laboratories were contacted, and more than 50 interviewed at length for the making of this film. In revealing interviews the scientists who shaped the government's response to Covid-19 give us the inside story of the problems faced and errors made. Producer/director: Richard Cookson. Exec: Mike Radford.
  • Producer/director for Dispatches: Britain's Breast Implant Scandal, a 2019 investigation looking into the impact of breast implants on some women's health. The Dispatches investigation persuaded the medical regulator (MHRA) to re-think their stance on the acknowledgment of breast implant illness. Reporter: Abbie Eastwood; Exec: Karen Edwards.
  • Assistant Producer for Panorama: The Implant Files, a 2018 investigation into the medical device industry launched by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The ICIJ is responsible for the Panama Papers global investigation into rogue offshore finance industry. ICIJ also launched the Paradise Papers investigation, exposing the financial hideaways of iconic brands and power brokers. Producer: James Oliver; Reporter: Deborah Cohen; Exec: Andrew Head.
  • Producer - Newsnight's 16-week investigation into bullying amongst Conservative Party activists, following the death of 21-year-old Elliott Johnson. Newsnight's findings prompted the resignation of Grant Shapps, former co-chairman of the Conservative Party.
  • Producer - Panorama: Born Asleep. The technology is there to cut Britain's high stillbirth rate by 50 per cent. So why aren't we using it? Reporter: Paul Kenyon; Exec: Frank Simmonds
  • Director - Dispatches: The Extremists. This one hour film looks at government efforts to tackle radical Islam. Reporter: Phil Rees; Exec: Fiona Stourton
  • Director - Dispatches: At Home with Terror Suspects. A one hour film about terror suspects living under Control Orders in Britain. Reporter: Phil Rees; Exec: Fiona Stourton
  • Co-Producer and Development Producer - Panorama: On a Knife Edge. In the middle of a knife-killing epidemic Esther Oxford found two gang members willing to film their own lives. Reporter: Jeremy Vine; Exec: Fiona Stourton
  • Director/Producer - Unreported World: Tiger in the Shadows. Esther Oxford negotiated unprecedented access to military training camps, suicide bombers and Sea Tigers (the naval wing of the LTTE/Tamil Tigers). Reporter: Sandra Jordan; Exec: Ed Braman
  • Camera-person for a BBC documentary - In Search of Spanish Flu. Esther Oxford wore a bio-safety suit to film a team of top UK virologists exhume the body of diplomat Sir Mark Sykes from an English graveyard. Sir Mark died from a virus that killed 40 million people. Producer: Ian Cundall; Exec: Don Cameron
  • Co-Producer/Director - The Ambassador's Last Stand. This BBC2 film is a portrait of Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan who exposed the torture of civilians and lost his job for being "undiplomatic". Reporter: John Sweeney; Exec: Fiona Stourton

Unreported World: Tigers in the Shadows
Directed, produced and filmed by Esther Oxford

Dispatches: At Home with the Terror Suspects
Directed by Esther Oxford